Источники по AI в библиотеках

Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Artificial Intelligence and Libraries Bibliography. Houston: Digital Scholarship, 2023. URL: https://digital-scholarship.org/ai/ai-libraries.htm

Библиография по искусственному интеллекту и библиотекам включает более 125 отобранных англоязычных статей и книг, которые могут быть полезны для понимания вопроса, как библиотеки понимают и используют современный искусственный интеллект. Собраны публикации с января 2018 по август 2023.

Список сопровождает краткая преамбула :

AI is a complex topic, but these recent overviews of general AI systems1 and generative AI systems2 are helpful in understanding it (both papers are open access).

Libraries have been exploring AI technology for a long time. In particular, there was an active period of experimentation from the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s that primarily focused on the use of expert systems.3-14 Many projects used expert system shells, which simplified development; however, some projects, such as the University of Houston's Intelligent Reference Information System Project, also used AI languages, such as Prolog.15 This period produced a significant number of library-related AI papers.

Subsequently, library interest in AI diminished until around 2018, when research activity increased.

The public release of generative AI systems in late 2022, such as ChatGPT, sparked a strong upsurge of interest in them and a rush to utilize their capabilities. Since these systems are relatively easy to use, this development may result in a significant new wave of library-oriented AI activity.

This bibliography does not cover conference proceedings, digital media works (such as MP3 files), e-mail messages, interviews, letters to the editor, presentation slides or transcripts, technical reports, unpublished e-prints, and/or weblog postings.