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Facing our future: social media takeover, coexistence or resistance? the integration of social media and reference services
BENN, Jill and MCLOUGHLIN, Dawn (2013) Facing our future: social media takeover, coexistence or resistance? the integration of social media and reference services. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2013 – Singapore – Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities in Session 152 – Reference and Information Services.

Academic libraries around the globe have adopted a range of digital technologies to deliver enquiry and reference services. The use of social media by university libraries to communicate with staff and students is now as pervasive as traditional online reference services, such as email. Some libraries use these services in conjunction with each other, but for others there appears to be no interrelation. Is social media the future for reference services or a passing fad?

This paper will examine the use of social media by academic libraries in the world’s top 100 universities. This will include the integration of social media with reference services, satisfaction with the use of social media in comparison with other digital reference services, the need for a social media strategy (or not) and the factors determining whether social media is successful.

The authors will formulate the benefits of streamlining digital enquiry initiatives and services with the aim of providing the “one stop online shop”.

Из программы Конгресса-2016:

Session 108, Social web: it’s relevance for family, oral and local history – Genealogy
and Local History with Asia and Oceania
This session will following a ‘lightning talk’ model where each speaker will only have 7 minutes to present the
highlights of their papers; a moderated discussion will follow.
Sonia Pacheco
1. Discovery of Karamanlidika Cultural Artifacts via Social Media Tools: Towards a
Digital Repository for Karamanli Memories
Selenay Aytac (Long Island University, United States)
Constantia Constantinou (Stony Brook University, United States)
Paper in English
2. Promoting Genealogy and Local History Collections using Social media in
Agnes Namaganda Kanzira (Makerere University, Uganda)
Andrea Stultiens (Leiden University, Netherlands)
Monica Naluwooza (Makerere University, Uganda)
Paper in English
3. A city remembers
Jan Richards (Central West Libraries, Australia)
Paper in English
4. Documentando la Historia Política Legislativa Chilena: Ciudadanía involucrada
con sus raíces a través de Internet
Hector Orellana Flores (Library of the National Congress of Chile, Chile)
Paper in Spanish Translations: [English]
5. Together We Listen: Generating Accessible Oral Histories of NYC through
Community Participatory Projects
Kate Cordes (New York Public Library, United States)
Paper in English
6. Representing Local History through User Experience of Access Points
Ana Krahmer (University of North Texas Libraries, United States)
Paper in English
7. Iran’s Oral History in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century: A Successful
Project of Collaboration Between the National Library of Iran and the Library of
Gholamreza Amirkhani (Associated professor, National Library and Archives of
Iran, Iran, Islamic Republic of)
8. Empowering the Pacific Island diaspora through participatory cultural heritage
Cecilia Salvatore (Dominican University, United States)
9. Genealogical Information Searches in Kawitan Culture on Balinese Hinduism
Society: from Lontar (Palm-Leaf Manuscript) to Electronic Form
I Putu Ari Kurnia Budiasa (Airlangga University, Indonesia)
Endang Gunarti (Airlangga University, Indonesia)
Paper in English
10. So You Want Your Oral Histories Used? Bridging the Gap Between Oral
Histories, Librarians, and Patrons
Jeff Corrigan (University of Missouri, United States)
Paper in English

Session 136, User Experience (UX) and Social Science Libraries in the Digital Age –
Social Science Libraries with Asia and Oceania
2. Interviews, Focus Groups, and Social Media: Lessons from Collaborative Library
Ethnographies in America and Kazakhstan
Celia Emmelhainz (University of California Berkeley, United States)
Paper in English

Session 165, Literacy Matters!: Strategies, Awards and Campaigns for Supporting
Development Through Literacy and Reading – Literacy and Reading with Libraries
for Children and Young Adults, Public Libraries and School Libraries (SI)
6. The value of the crowd: individual initiatives in social media as a starting point
of organizational reading promotions – Examples for children and young adults’
Ulla Pötsönen (Joensuu Regional Library, Finland)
Paper in English

Session 222, Using social media at work: How to share knowledge, improve
collaboration and create a mutual savoir‐faire? – Knowledge Management
Julien Sempere (Universite Paris-Saclay, France)
Mary Augusta Thomas (Smithsonian Libraries, National Museum of Natural History, United States)
1. Biebtobieb: Stimulating cooperation among Dutch public libraries through an
online knowledge and innovation platform
Levien den Boer (Koninklijke Bibliotheek – National Library of the Netherlands,
Paper in English
2. D-curation: new ways for DGIST library to share knowledge with library users
KyungAh Kim (DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology),
Korea, Republic of)
Abstract in English
3. Social Media: Adding New Wings for Promotion to Shanghai University Library
Hua Liu (Shanghai University Library, China)
Jiao Zhang (Shanghai University Library, China)
Hongpei Li (Shanghai University Library, China)
Yue Zhou (Shanghai University Library, China)
Ming Lu (Shanghai University Library, China)
Paper in English
4. The Use of Hashtags to Boost and Retrieve posts
Hanadi Buarki (College of Basic Education, Kuwait)
Alkhateib Bashaer (College of Basic Education, Kuwait)
Paper in English
5. The use of Web 2.0 applications for knowledge sharing among academic
libraries in Uganda and Ghana
Caroline Ilako (Makerere University Library, Uganda)
Miriam Linda Akeriwe (University of Development Studies, Ghana)
Abstract in English