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Важное для администраторов страниц. Особенно – про размер обложки
Mari Smith
It’s official. The new Facebook Page layout for desktop has arrived for all Pages! Here are FIVE important action steps for Page owners to take now:

❶ Review your COVER IMAGE. Is it time for a redesign? You now no longer have to take into account the profile picture or other content overlay. In terms of dimensions, there are a few ways you could go. Facebook states 851×315 loads fastest (which is the same dimensions as Canva’s cover image template); whilst Facebook displays cover images at 828×315. See: http://ift.tt/1gPRpv3. For profile pictures & cover images with logos or text (or shades of red), use a PNG file format for a more crisp display. For a hack to display your full cover image content on both desktop and mobile, try 828×465. See this post for more: http://ift.tt/2befJX9

❷ Review your CALL-TO-ACTION BUTTON. The CTA button is now much more prominent on the new page design, in keeping with Facebook’s mobile app page layout. Test and ensure your button goes where you want it to. I recommend changing up your CTA button and link periodically. Also monitor your CTA button Insights to see what’s working. [Go to Insights > Actions on Page > Action Button.]

❸ Review all your TABS!! This is super important with the new design. Now that your apps/tabs have a more prominent position, and each one is all clearly displayed in the left column (sans ‘More’ button!), you’ll want to make sure the tabs are in the order you want and that all 3rd party app tabs work properly. Tabs you haven’t used in a while might suddenly be on display! To REORDER, click the Manage Tabs button at the bottom of the tab list then drag and drop. (Note: the top two tabs – Home and About – cannot be reordered. Also, default Facebook tabs cannot be removed.) To remove or edit 3rd party apps, go to Settings > Apps, then click the settings for each one and review.

❹ Review your SECTIONS. These are all on the right side now. Nothing changed here, but you may want to check that the info is correct and you’re happy with the order of the sections. Hover over any section to make the edit pencil appear > click the pencil icon > click Manage Sections. Drag and drop as you wish. (Note: the top 3 sections – Search, Info & About – cannot be reordered. Also, sections cannot be removed.)

❺ Finally, view your page as a VISITOR. Page Admins see additional info by default, such as Insights (now prominently at the top of your wall!), Pages Feed and editable areas. You’ll want to view your page as other people see it just in case you need to make any further edits.

By the way, with 84% of Facebook’s ad revenue coming from mobile, you’ll notice there are no longer any ads on the right side when viewing Pages.

A spokesperson from Facebook said, “We’ve introduced a new design for Pages on desktop to make it easier for people to learn about and interact with businesses on Facebook, including a new column for tab navigation and a more prominent call-to-action button.”

See this post by Marketing Land: http://ift.tt/2b5gQZE

P.S. If you still do not see the new Page design on any Pages, you might be one of the few folks that are still in the queue. From the Marketing Land article: “The layout impacts all desktop users and has been rolled out to all but a small percentage of users on desktop devices.”

[Video made using Adobe Spark Video – super easy and free!]

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August 13, 2016 at 10:02AM
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